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  • Quick House Sale
    We will purchase your house quickly. We work to your timescale and you will have cash in your account in no time. 
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    No chain, no mortgage, and no third parties. This is our differentiating factor. You will deal with us and the solicitor (we pay for) only. Our expert staff will support you every step of the way and are on hand day and night to answer your questions. 
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    An open market sale is considered to be one of the most stressful things people experience. We make the process simple and avoid all the frustrations the open market can cause. 
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Why Use a Quick House Sale Provider

Why using a Quick House Sale company can make the most sense:

Standard property sale

  • Decorate the property for sale
  • Instruct an agent (usually based on the best (but not always the most accurate) valuation.
  • Find a conveyancer
  • Wait for the phone to ring
  • Get the property ready for every viewing
  • Hope for an offer (which could be 15% under the asking price
  • Attempt to agree a price
  • Hope the surveyor gives the right value
  • Hope the buyer gets finance
  • Complete the sale at a buyer agreed date
  • Pay agent (£1,500) pay solicitor (£1000) Pay mortgage while waiting for a buyer (£3,000 +)

Quick House Sale

  • Call us
  • Meet the team
  • Accept the price
  • Complete the sale
  • No fees no agent no solicitor to pay

Our 2012 Preperty Predictions

At the end of 2011 we predicted that property prices in 2012 would remain relatively static. I’m pleased to say that looking at recent figures we were correct. So what might next year bring? I anticipate more of the same. There is no data to suggest a sudden surge in the property market and in property prices and no information to the contrary either.

How Many Days to Christmas!!!

I’m sure you’ll be as shocked as we were to hear that we now have less than 100 days until Christmas. If you have much awareness of the property market you’ll probably know that this period is traditionally a slow period for sales. Usually buyers will not want to go to the trouble of moving house and setting up their new property during the festive season. With this in mind, if you want to sell your property quickly then you might want to consider reducing the price, selling at auction or contacting a quick house sale company. With a guaranteed quick sale you have the comfort to know you will be in your new home in plenty of time.

Calling All Investors

Here are Quick Houese Sale we are always on the lookout for investors and tenants for our properties. If you are interested in becoming a property developer or a landlord and don’t want the hassle of managing this yourself please contact us. Alternatively if you are simply looking to rent a property please get in touch, if nothing is currently available in your area, we will contact you when property becomes available


How to Price Your Property

Many people we speak to a Quick House Sale Leeds make the assumption that the property they are selling is worth the amount that their neighbours property is on the market for. Customers will also often expect our price will be reflective of their asking price. This is often not the case because the expectation of the seller and the expectation of the estate agent are often different to the price the property is actually marketed for. It is common knowledge that the seller and an estate agent will market the property at say £110,000 with the expectation that the sale price will actually be between £95,000 and £100,000. This information is obviously also known by mortgage companies and property surveyors. Therefore the asking price is largely irrelevant. The only insight that is relevant is the actual sale price of properties similar in the local area. This is how we at quick house sale leads will value your property and often how any surveyor would value.

Is Now the Right Time to Make a Quick Sale?

It’s been a busy few weeks here at quick house sale Leeds, we have completed on multiple sales and we have completed on multiple lease option purchases. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our colleagues and workmen for their support over the past few months. In light of recent revelations with regards to the potential for further reductions in the property market over the coming year, we expected to be a busy few months ahead. If you have seen the recent announcements regarding house price expectations and wonder what this may mean for you and you quick house sale please contact us and we can talk you through these developments and what they mean to you and your property sale, this might just be the perfect time.

2012 Could be the Worst Year to Sell

The property market doom and gloom is underway in 2012 with the council of mortgage lenders warning that likely increases in unemployment will cause property repossessions to increase during the year. Increased unemployment will obviously have a huge increase on the property market, repossessions are likely to increase and the uncertainty created will mean fewer buyers in the market therefore driving prices down. It’s never been more crucial to set the correct prices when looking to make a quick house sale. The prediction from the CML is that repossessions could be up by as much as 30% on last year. Combine all this information and it leads most experts to predict that 2012 will have fewer sales than ever experienced in recent memory.

The Start of a New Year

2011 has seen little happen in the property market. Few sales and little overall movement have created an uneventful year. Sales are down on previous years and prices have continued to fall. So what will 2012 bring. Well most believe more of the same. There will awash be a reluctance to drop the house of the price you’re selling but ultimately, with such few buyers in the market vendors looking to make a quick house sale have little option.

Get the Pricing Right

Pricing your property at the right level (especially if you looking to make a quick house sale) is essential. During 2011 the pace of house sales slowed to a level not experienced in years and sold prices are in decline. With this in mind, it should come as a shock to most people that research has revealed that asking prices actually increased during the year.

In our experience it is very common for asking prices to not truly reflect a houses value but this research even shocked us. The difference in the movement of sold prices and asking prices could be either unrealistic expectations of the seller or over pricing by the agent in order to get the business. Either way, we believe it is essential that a seller knows the true value of their property (even if they intend to market it higher to begin with). You can find our guide to pricing your home here. Use this to understand what sale price to expect and market the property at the correct level to get the most interest.

Can You Sell in 2012

Well not if 2011 is anything to go by.

If you are one of the people struggling to sell their property in 2011, trust me you’re not alone. 2011 was the worst year for property sales in 40 years and was nearly 50% lower (in terms of property turnover) than 2007. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel for anyone looking to sell their property. During next year (2012) the slump in sales is expected to continue. 

So what are the options if you need to sell? In our experience, we have seen a large inbalance between the sellers expected price and how much buyers are currently expecting to pay. Put your self in the perspective of a buyer. You know that the property market is struggling and you know sellers are having a hard time making a sale, so in your mind you hold all the cards. Why would you pay over the odds?

If you are a seller an need to make a quick house sale give us a call and we will help you aim your property at the correct level in the market to target the right buyers, alternatively we can take the pain out of selling for you and buy your property from you.

Property Prices Falling!

The most recent figures show that during the month of September house prices fell once again. On overage the property prices in England fell by 0.3% in September which brings the overall drop this year up to 2.3%. This means that the average property price has fallen by over £5000 so far this year.

Its not all doom and gloom. Prices have made improvements since the worst days of the crash. Prices are 9.2% higher than they were ar their lowest.

What the future holds is anyones guess now. We may see prices remain at a similar level for the next few years but if the warning signs of the double dip are to be believed prices may be lower than ever in the coming months.

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